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Friends call me Shimz.

The decision of quitting my corporate job to travel full-time wasn't easy, neither was it a comfortable choice amidst the world pandemic. But I'm glad to have taken the plunge nevertheless. 

I wasn't always a traveler but my fondness has only grown over the years, and I now want to explore places and find stories. There's nothing more fulfilling than picking up your camera and creating those memories and let the world experience your journey. 

With the coming of social media and its endless followers, it has become obvious that there are tons out there like me. At the same time, everyone indeed comes with their niche. 

I'll constantly try to narrate stories through my photographs that I capture during my travels. I intend to be your guide as and when you decide to embark on a similar journey. 

Please come along and enjoy the ride!

Shimz Photography

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