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Rupin Pass Trek

My true calling...

Getting on a path that truly makes you happy ain't ever easy. It's harder to even identify what's that one thing that your heart longs for - that one thing you'll give up something else. Mountains were my calling! It wasn't served on a platter to me. I wasn't getting signs from the universe either about it. But mountains happened to me. Mountains allowed me to find my soul there.

My Religion - Mountains

Rupin Pass

Rupin Pass - June '22

Life-changing. On the edge. Brutal. 

They made me sign up for one of the toughest. My dear friends. Sleepless nights, loss of appetite, heart filled with doubts every step of the way - "Will I be able to make it to the top?" But I succeeded, I rode over those fears internally, which got translated to my actions on the outside. Looking down wasn't an option. Looking up or ahead wasn't always possible because the terrain was such. One slip and you're done! But what a journey! What powerful friends I made along the way! 

Upcoming - Hampta Pass - July '22

River crossings always give me the jitters. But time to get a taste of this one too! Let's see how the pass crossing day is going to conclude. Better than Rupin Pass? I doubt it. 

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