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No Bake Awesomeness

White Wine & Berry Jelly



White Wine 1 bottle

Water 500 ml

Sugar 250 grams

Gelatin 20 grams

Rose water 15 ml

Elderflower cordial (optional) 5 ml

Assorted fresh berries 200 grams



  • Have the gelatin crystals in a small bowl and sprinkle some cold water over it until it’s just immersed

  • Allow the gelatin to soak for about 15 min

  • Heat the water and sugar until sugar is dissolved

  • Take sugar syrup off the heat, and while still warm, mix in the soaked gelatin until completely dissolved

  • Add in the white wine, rose water and elderflower cordial (optional)

  • Divide and pour half of the liquid mix into wine glasses or small glass bowls till one-third of its height

  • Reserve the other half of the jelly mixture in a jug at room temperature

  • Add some of the assorted berries in each glass/bowl, and allow the jelly mixture to set in the refrigerator

  • Once set, top with the remaining jelly mixture till it covers the glass/bowl just below the brim

  • Serve cold

Berry Jelly
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