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Freezing Moments

Through my lens



Inner Mongolia’s Xilamuren Grassland displays different shades through the year. I was fortunate to witness the beauty of this arid land, and get a close-up view of its people, food & culture. While language wasn’t in my favor - thanks to the friendly locals who were there to accompany me. This shot was captured right before we were hit by a sand storm. Much to my surprise, business went on usual. I’ve tried to capture the contrasting colors and the stable boy in action.


Inside southwestern China's Chengdu Panda Research Base, there are more than just your regular 'sleeping' pandas. As you walk around the open space, you'll find nature been laid out on every corner. It's a photographer's paradise! The idea of spending a short afternoon soon turned into a day-long excursion, and I couldn't contain my joy as I came across this beautiful black swan almost on the edge of a man-made water body. It knew my presence but made no sudden move - allowing me to take that perfect shot.

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